Darlinghurst Enterprises was founded by a liberal activist turned entrepreneur with 6 years of volunteer service to the Democratic Party in the US and 2 years of civil liberties law volunteer experience in the UK.  Her strong commitment to make the world a better place is evidenced in all of the 10 core values.
1. Support unions with 100% union manufacturing and distribution jobs that provide leading benefits to our growing team.
2. Focus on deep work in line with Cal Newport’s research, enabling all to lead a full life at work and a full life outside of work.  There will be no golden handcuffs here--we want everyone to be at their best, performing their best, doing what they love.
3. Nurture deep self confidence borne out of their healthy lifestyles and they have a deep reservoir of internal validation.
4. Take 100% responsibility for their actions and decisions in all settings, at work and outside of work.
5. Treat everyone with common decency and respect inside and outside of Darlinghurst.
6. Engage in clear, direct, timely, and effective communication to all stakeholders.
7. Finish everything started in every area of life.
8. Lead a sound, healthy lifestyle.
9. Pursue a joyous life of integrity fueled by life passion and life purpose.  Absolute, unconditional loyalty and devotion to country, faith, family, and friends is paramount in life.
10. Reduce, reuse, and recycle.  We have a commitment to the environment and the planet.
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