Darlinghurst Enterprises is governed by 10 key values.
1. We have absolute, unconditional loyalty and abide by the utmost in discretion.  Privacy is the highest luxury and we respect our clients, we respect each other, and we respect the founder, all of whom have an inherent right to privacy.  "Nasty people don’t just make others feel miserable; they create economic problems for their companies."
2. We treat all with the highest respect, irrespective of their background.  Whether our client is a household name celebrity, a member of a royal family, or a former schoolteacher treating herself to something nice, they are treated as royalty and given the best, most luxurious red carpet experience at every single touchpoint.
3. We focus on deep work in line with Cal Newport’s research, enabling all to lead a full life at work and a full life outside of work.  There will be no golden handcuffs here--we want everyone to be at their best, performing their best, doing what they love.
4. We nurture deep self confidence borne out of healthy lifestyles and have a deep reservoir of internal validation.
5. We encourage and lift up other members of the team, and show them the same level of loyalty and respect we show to external agencies.  Our flat org structure and divided managerial teams means everyone makes the exact same amount in each position, reducing any need for rivalry or put-downs blatant and subtle.  We will not and do not tolerate any instance of disloyalty to fellow team members--there is an abundance of opportunity here and everyone has a fair shot at the pathway of interest to them.  Even one instance of putting another down or fostering a toxic work environment will result in immediate dismissal; this is a positive energy space and negative, passive aggressive people are not welcome here.
6. We take 100% responsibility for actions and decisions in all settings, at work and outside of work.
7. We engage in clear, direct, timely, and effective communication to all stakeholders.
8. We finish everything started in every area of life.
9. We pursue a joyous life of integrity fueled by life passion and life purpose.  Absolute, unconditional loyalty and devotion to country, faith, family, and friends is paramount in life.
10. We reduce, reuse, and recycle.  We have a commitment to the environment and the planet.
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