Step 1: Submit your resume on the job board and begin the on-demand application process.
Step 2: Begin your On-Demand Preliminary Assessments on your schedule—no need to wait for a drawn out email exchange. Even if you don’t end up working here, these assessments will help you think more about yourself and your place in the world. We value your time! Sneak peek of the requirements:
We require everyone to read and complete ALL of the Ryan Allis Hive 20s Slides.  Ryan has been the mentor of our Founder since 2019 and we expect to send our best people to the Hive Global Fellows conference program and community.
Step 3: On-Demand Application Form with space to type your cover letter and a drop box area to upload your official identification (passport or driver’s license), your official diploma(s), and your official standardised test score(s) if applicable.
Step 4: On-Demand Character Assessments: MBTI, Watson-Glaser, Empathy, Dark Tetrad, Clear and Direct Communication, etc. These are validated psychological and psychometric examinations to identify people who will fit in the DE culture; as in we are specifically looking for independently minded people who do not fall prey to groupthink.
Step 5: On-Demand Industry-Specific Assessment.
Step 6: On-Demand Job Simulation Assessments: hard skills and soft skills are evaluated with ample space for video and audio justifications.
Step 7: On-Demand 45 minutes Pre-Recorded Video Interview.
Step 8: Bias-Free Applicant Sorting by AI. Screening happens at this stage and only the top performers across the board get to the human interview stage. Everyone gets crystal clear feedback regardless of the outcome. As well, our Recruiters reserve the right to shift your application to another position if we think you’re a better fit for a different role based on your scores.
Step 9: Personalised Interview Scheduling Invitation. 1 to 1.5 hour Live Video Interview Round 1 with 1-2 DE Recruiters.
Step 10: Our recommendation for the role best suited to you with a PDF of job tasks broken down over a 48 month period.  If you are not offered a role, then you will receive a letter of recommendation to pursue opportunities with other companies.
Step 11: to 1.5 hour Live Video Interview Round 2 with 1-2 DE Recruiters and Founder.
Step 12: Offer Letter sent via our platform.  
Step 13: Accept or Reject Offer Letter within 7-14 business days.
Step 14: Begin automated on-boarding via Rippling and automated training via our custom e-learning platform.
Step 15: Receive your welcome kit mailed to your household and get ready to join a business gearing up to provide tremendous value to the world at large.​​​​​​​
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