Management Offices (forthcoming):
Charlotte, NC - publishing and media products
London, UK - luxury products

Internal Production and Offices:
Founder's Home Studio - designs, ideas, and paintings
Mayfair, London, UK - patternmaking, sampling, and artwork prints
Paris, FR - haute couture, prêt à porter, and medical devices
Geneva, CH - fine jewellery and eyewear

External Production and Offices:
Bloomsbury, London, UK - book printing and book binding
Paris, FR - beauty and fragrances
Florence, IT - leather goods and footwear
New Delhi, IN, Gurgagon, IN, and Mumbai, IN - embroidery
World at large - media products production
Toronto, ON - media products post-production 
Europe at large: photography production and post-production

Courier Distribution Offices:
USA: Charlotte, NC and West Palm Beach, FL
Canada: Toronto, ON
Europe: Paris, FR and Geneva, CH
UK: London, UK
East Asia: Hong Kong, HK
South Asia: New Delhi, IN

All locations feature free nutritious meals and free childcare for all members of the Darlinghurst community, irrespective of their rank, title, seniority, etc.
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