At Darlinghurst Enterprises, we care tremendously about your wellbeing and welfare and we've decided to make work fun again.  
Building a culture of trust, fun, and success is extremely important and to this end, we've devised a House System based on combining the very best of the Seven Summits, Hogwarts, and the English educational system.  Everyone who accepts an offer at Darlinghurst Enterprises experiences a Virtual Sorting Hat which randomly allocates them to their House.  We have games, events, and bonding activities at our two annual retreats offered in exotic locations around the world, where each House will compete against other Houses for House Cup Prizes.  Each House is governed by a House Director and all Houses are jointly managed by the Chief Artistic Officer, the Chief Recruiting Officer, the Chief Human Resources Officer, and the Chief Wellness Officer.  Members of your House will come from across subsidiaries and divisions, helping you make lots of friends, learn, grow, and have fun!  Our welcome kits (filled with goodies and gear!) and onboarding are custom tailored by House, so you'll fit right in from day 1.

Everest House -  White 
Aconcagua House - Royal Purple
Denali House - Royal Blue
Kilimanjaro House - Green
Elbrus House - Yellow
Vinson House - Orange
Kosciuszko House - Red

Our Founder has designed lapel pins, silk scarves, silk ties, cashmere scarves, and cashmere sweatshirts in each House colour that are distributed in welcome kits and worn on House Days twice a month.
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